Lockheed „Starfighter“ (E-Book) F-104G (21+53) in the „Deutsches Museum – Flugwerft Schleißheim“ (English Version)

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Autor: Thomas Michel
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Englische Sprachversion – English Version

Format DIN A4
196 Seiten – 196 pages
E-Book (PDF-Format)

Ersterscheinung – First Release: October 2022
1. Edition


The unique  book on the F-104G in „Deutsches Museum – Flugwerft Schleißheim“ is now available in an English Version in E-Book Format.

A few years ago, Chuck Yeager visited the Flugwerft in Schleissheim. We had the unique pleasure of greeting him briefly at the oldest airfield in Bavaria. „The Right Stuff“ was the film about going into space, with a formative appearance of the F-104 – and Chuck Yeager as „fastest man alive„.

Now we have a specialist book on the F-104G by a long-time employee of the Schleissheim airfield in front of us. The F-104G – the “Starfighter” was the aircraft that shaped a whole generation of young people who were enthusiastic about aviation.

Thomas Michel learned how to work on the F-104G in the German Air Force and is now applying this knowledge to the technically and historically correct preparation of the museum exhibit in the Flugwerft Schleißheim. During the „Deutsche Museum„-tours, the visitor notices that the F-104G is particularly important to him, someone who really knows his stuff is speaking.

This exhibit description shows the F-104G in many technical details, far inside the camouflaged outer shell and you experience the often complex restoration steps almost up close.


About this book

This book is not, and does not intend, to be a scientific review of the F-104G in general or in the specific model of the 21 + 53. The content was created from the practical work in the aircraft hangar by the employees in the restoration workshop while working on the F-104G. From this detailed work, many details in the execution, far below the outer skin in the depths of the technology, become visible to the interested friend of the F-104G, which the visitor in the museum can never see. It also shows the constant changes and improvements to this standard fighter-bomber (Fighter Bomber – FB) of the German Air Force from the beginning of its service in 1960 to its decommissioning in 1991 in the endeavor. Those interested in technology will understand the efforts of the team to restore the correct execution with the given possibilities thirty years after the end of operational use in Germany for the most important technology museum.

An interesting read for the many Starfighter-friends out there.

See you soon in the Flugwerft Schleißheim, at the exhibit of the F-104G 21 + 53.

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